Shooting victims driving to hospital get in fatal crash in Dearborn Heights

Shooting at party in Inkster leads to deadly crash

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – At least two people were shot in Inkster early Wednesday morning in a neighborhood near Henry Ruff and Michigan Avenue.

The incident later led to a deadly crash on Ford Road near Inkster Road in Dearborn Heights.

Police said the shooting happened at an apartment complex off of Carlysle Street. The crash occurred when people were being rushed to the hospital.

“It was supposed to be just a good time a good party for someone who’s birthday who had passed,” said Aisha Moore. “We were all out here -- a group of 40 people at least -- and these two men casually walked up and they were so casual that they looked like they were our friends and they just opened fire on that young man."

Witnesses said at least 15 shots were fired. Some bullets even went into the apartments of surrounding neighbors.

“We heard Eddie calling out saying, ‘Ahhhhh.’ Then we found him on the ground,” Moore said. “It was six of us trying to get him in the truck."

Moore started to drive Eddie in a pickup truck but a police officer saw they were in distress and was able to call EMS to finish getting the man to the hospital.

Moore said she’s glad her drive to the hospital didn’t end like the other.

“Just want to say a prayer for that person and their family,” Moore said.

The condition of the Eddie, as well as the other men who were shot, is unknown at time.

Police said a vehicle transferring two of the victims to a hospital was then involved in a crash on Ford Road near Inkster Road in Dearborn Heights. The driver ran a red light.

Sources said a woman was ejected from the vehicle and was killed.

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