Police wrestle with driver after Oakland County road rage incident gets out of control

Video footage showed struggle between police and driver

Oakland County road rage incident gets out of control

TROY, Mich. – An incident of road rage got way out of hand Monday evening in Oakland County leading to police wrestling with one of the drivers.

Police are seeing more road rage incidents with higher intensity including this particular one.

Yesterday evening the driver of a Dodge Caliber called 911 to report being chased along I-75 by a Chevy Cruze.

It initially started with one man getting out of his car and threatening to shoot the other driver.

The cars exited at Big Beaver and that’s when officers spotted the chase and started one of their own.

Even after a Troy squad car cut off the Chevy Cruze, the female driver still tried to get away.

“When the officer asked her to get out she became combative and put the car in reverse trying to hit the officer,” said Sergeant Meghan Lehman of the Troy Police Department.

Video showed that things continued to escalate.

The officer got the woman out of the car to make an arrest and then the passenger who made the original threat got involved.

“You have someone coming up intervening antagonizing, you do not know what they are going to do,” said Lehman.

After some tense moments both people finally subdued. Police never found a gun in the Chevy Cruze, but they did find a machete tucked between the seats.

Both the driver and the passenger are expected to be charged.


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