Detroit Lions fans welcome change after firing of head coach, general manager

The team announced the firing of head coach Matt Patricia, General Manager Bob Quinn Saturday

DETROIT – For the most part, Detroit Lions fans said they’re optimistic about the future of the team.

“Game days for Lions games, we are packed. We have such die-hard fans. I see fans at their highest and their lows. I see fans cheering, going nuts. I saw grown man cry in here,” said Kevin Weathers.

Weathers, who is the bar manager at Brass Rail Pizza in downtown Detroit, said there’s been a lot of eventful nights over the last three years, and this season didn’t help. Weathers said the firing of head coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn Saturday was a touchdown.

Dan Leach, host with 97.1 Radio, said he wasn’t shocked when he heard the news.

“Today means yet another chance at a reset,” Leach said. “You knew by this season, especially after Thanksgiving, that this was done and had to be moved on from.”

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