Watch: A wellness check on Metro Detroit teachers amid COVID pandemic

‘I feel like I am doing so much, I’m working so hard’

Nick Monacelli talks to teachers who have been struggling with virtual instruction amid the pandemic.

Local 4 talked to teachers who have been struggling with virtual instruction.

There is no question they are dealing with fatigue as they face a long list of challengers amid the COVID pandemic.

“I question everything I do, and if I’m doing it right,” said high school teacher Heather Chase.

Chase has been teaching for 26 years.

“I sit in my classroom, and there have been times I just sit there and cry because it’s like I’m just, I’m not doing enough. But I feel like I am doing so much, I’m working so hard,” said Chase.

The hours of extra planning each day have been draining.

“When that laptop closes, our minds continually go because we’re still trying to figure out best practices to make sure that we’re doing all that we can to get the subject matter across to our students,” said Bridgette Rudolph, a 4th grade teacher.

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Starting Nov. 18 in Michigan, all in-person learning at high schools, colleges and universities has been banned due to a state health order.

That ban could be lifted as early as Tuesday, Dec. 8, depending on what health officials decide to do.

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