Woman killed in fight between son, parents in Huron Township

Off-duty police officer held suspect at gunpoint until police arrived

Police said the parents had an altercation with their son when the mother was fatally wounded in Huron Township.

HURON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – New information was released Friday regarding the wild chain of events that left a Huron Township mother dead from a stab wound.

ORIGINAL STORY: Huron Township mother fatally stabbed in altercation between son, parents

Police said the parents had some sort of altercation with their son inside a home on Judd Road when the mother was fatally wounded.

“Something you never expect and it’s completely disheartening,” said Everette Robbins the Director of Public Safety with Huron Township Police. “This is a mother, son and father. There was a domestic dispute of some sort inside the house.

Robbins said the son showed up at his parents’ home Friday morning and attacked both of them. Robbins said he stabbed his 53-year old mother inside the home and then, somehow, the son and his 55-year old father ended up across the street, outside their neighbor’s home, who is a police officer but was off duty at the time.

The off-duty officer saw the son attempting to stab his dad and jumped into action.

“At that point, he got the subject. There was a victim, as well as a subject,” Robbins said. “He held them at gunpoint. He was able to talk him to releasing the knife.”

Police arrived and discovered the mother’s body inside the home and the father with multiple stab wounds.

“What I can tell you is that there were both gun shots and stab wounds. This was a multi weapon incident,” said Robbins. “At this point, we’re still trying to settle out where their injuries are.”

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