Dozens of cars ablaze as massive fire rips through Detroit junkyard

Firefighters declare ‘hazmat level 1′ situation

A fire at Big Sam's Auto Parks on Detroit's west side on March 4, 2021. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Dozens of burning cars are sending plumes of smoke into the air as a massive fire rips through a junkyard on Detroit’s west side.

The fire is at Big Sam’s Auto Parks, a salvage yard at the corner of Lyndon Street and Meyers Road.

Detroit firefighters have declared a “hazmat level 1″ situation due to hazardous materials inside those vehicles, officials said.

The sound of burning airbags popping can be heard around the junkyard. The hazmat level 1 situation was declared because of the possible dangerous chemical situation.

Trains have been stopped from passing on the nearby railroad tracks because the fire is spreading near those tracks, officials said.

You can see video of the fire in the clips below.

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