Government leaders tour Ford Field COVID-19 vaccination site in Detroit

Ford Field vaccine program scheduled to run for next eight weeks

Site aims to vaccinate 6,000 people daily

DETROIT – When it opens on Wednesday the Ford Field vaccination clinic will aim to administer 6,000 doses each day.

On Monday, government officials got a tour to see how it’s all going to work.

It’s been a very tough year. People have been waiting for that moment when they can say massive amounts of vaccine are going to be distributed. We are on that door step with Ford Field becoming the platform where thousands of doses will be distributed each day.

Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist led area Democratic representatives and Sen. Gary Peters through Ford Field to get their first hand look at the nearly 70 vaccination pods ringing the playing field.

This was funded by the bill they all voted for two weeks ago. FEMA and the US Air Force have people in place.

Col. Jack Mater, USAF officer in charge calls this set up remarkable.

“This is the first time in 31 years that I have been deployed by the USA to the USA to help the people of the USA,” he said.

One of the big issues this effort faces is mistrust of the shots themselves.

Rep. Brenda Lawrence admitted she had this conversation with her doctor.

“So he said Brenda, sick or dead, sick or dead? I can fix sick, I can’t fix dead. Get the vaccine. I’m saying to everyone please, please take advantage of this,” said Lawrence.

The Meijer pharmacy is the contact to get an appointment.

Meijer stated Monday it’s already booked 140,000 appointments, but there are 360,000 doses available meaning you have a shot at getting your shot here.

On Tuesday, there’s a trial run with about 2,500 shots administered. Those appointments are already made Wednesday. They’ll give out another 2,500 doses. On Thursday they’re going to throw the doors wide open offering 5,000 doses a day in Detroit and another 1,000 doses a day in the Metro Detroit areas as part of this effort.

The Ford Field vaccine program is scheduled to run for the next eight weeks. The first six weeks they’ll offer the Pfizer vaccine and the final two weeks people will be given the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Getting Vaccinated in Michigan

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