Murder suspect arrested in Greektown Casino parking garage following police chase

Police say suspect led them on a chase ending in the parking garage

DETROIT – A murder suspect on the run leads police on a chase throughout the city’s east side, detouring to the Greektown Casino parking garage.

Detroit Police Department’s Major Crimes squad swarmed the parking garage where the suspect made it to the seventh floor. A Michigan State Police helicopter tracked him for more than 20 minutes.

“Not a bad place to stop when you’re a bad guy because the helicopter can’t see you but really bad place because of all the video that’s inside of there,” said DPD Cmdr. Eric Decker.

Detroit police converged in the parking garage and locked it down, watching the suspect as he asked two people for a ride.

“He actually asked for a ride from some people not connected, and once we watched the video, we walked right him ... arrested him without incident,” Decker said.

Police said no injuries were reported Thursday.

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