Opponent of Detroit mayor files legal challenge to kick incumbent off primary ballot

Mayor didn’t file paperwork properly to get on ballot, opponent says

Opponent files legal challenge to kick Mayor Duggan off primary ballot

DETROIT – There is a legal challenge brewing that aims to block Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s name from appearing on the primary ballot.

It was filed by his opponent Anthony Adams over a campaign disclosure dating back to 2018.

A lot of people running for office have staff members look over their opponent’s paperwork filing for anything that could possibly get them kicked off the ballot.

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A spokeswoman for the campaign of Duggan’s opponent confirmed he filed a challenge to the mayor’s eligibility on Monday.

Duggan didn’t file his paperwork properly to get on the ballot, according to his opponent.

Adams was former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s deputy mayor. His campaign claims that Duggan allegedly failed to file an addendum to a campaign finance report.

“I am very confident that he will be removed from the ballot,” said Adams.

While the campaign finance report was filed the clerk asked for clarification on some contributions, including an addendum which has not been turned in.

It will be up to Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey and the Detroit Election Commission to determine where this challenge goes from here.

“We believe we have done the right thing and we just see this as an attempt to not have to face mayor Duggan,” said Alexis Wiley, who works on Duggan’s reelection campaign.

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