Detroit residents fed up with street racing, dangerous stunts in neighborhood

‘You risk hurting yourself, hurting someone else. We don’t need this, Detroit,’ says one neighbor

Drag racing, dangerous stunts: Detroit neighbors fed up

DETROIT – West side Detroit resident Ms. Neal said she is fed up with the two streets surrounding her home being used as a place for drivers to perform spinouts and doughnuts.

“They nearly hit my son yesterday (Monday) and his father. They nearly hit my elderly neighbor. Does someone have to actually die first before it stops?” she said.

Street racing and drifting have become somewhat of a rising trend the city, with multiple videos surfacing of drivers taking over the streets. In one instance, a driver lost control and ran into Ms. Neal’s fence just feet away from her home.

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“To find out that someone did this, it really, really pissed me off because I’m such a quiet neighbor,” she said.

Her frustrations are echoed by KC Abram who has lived on the block for decades.

“It’s terrible. When I’d seen it, I put one and one together. You’ve got your burnouts, doughnuts ... and they ran into the lady’s fence,” Abram said.

He’s praying something can be done before it’s too late.

“You risk hurting yourself, hurting someone else. We don’t need this, Detroit,” he said.

“I’m not concerned for just myself, I’m concerned for the people driving the cars because if they lose control, they’re gonna Kill themselves. It’s kids everywhere. This has got to stop,” Neal said.

The Detroit Police Department has started its illegal drifting and drag racing detail, which was launched mid-March. In a few weeks since then, DPD has investigated more than 1,400 cars, issued more than 1,800 citations, impounded 117 vehicles and have had 36 vehicle forfeited over.

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