First big event of the season held at Corner Ballpark in Detroit amid noise concerns

First big event of the season held at Corner Ballpark amid noise concerns
First big event of the season held at Corner Ballpark amid noise concerns

DETROIT – The first big event of the season at Corktown’s Corner Ballpark was held Saturday. It’s been a point of contention with neighbors of the Old Tiger Stadium, who have complained about the loud music, late nights and crowds.

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Detroit PAL Baseball Stadium in Corktown was back open for business Saturday night. The line outside was long and people were wrapped around the building. Everyone was excited to see famous rapper and entertainer Young Jeezy.

David Greenwood, the Director of Programs and Operations of Detroit PAL, said it’s not your typical performance.

“It’s a special appearance by the rapper/entertainer Young Jeezy. It’s not a concert, it’s an appearance,” Greenwood said. “Vaccinations on site, so he’s going to encourage people to get vaccinated as well.”

Greenwood said events like this one bring in much needed revenue for the kids who participate in Detroit PAL, but the organization has gotten a bad rap over the years for extremely loud music, going over the 90 decibel rule set by the city. Greenwood said things are different now.

“The DJ -- as you can hear -- it does echo throughout the community,” Greenwood said. “And you will hear it but it’s not something that is beyond the levels.”

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Hillard Hampton lives across the street from the PAL Stadium. He knows first hand about the events.

“The last few years, we had issues with the pictures on the walls shaking and things falling off the table, unfortunately,” said Hillard Hampton.

He said this is the first big event and so far, so good.

“Plenty of police presence, no complaints. No complaints.,” Hampton said. “I think PAL is making a good effort reaching out to the community and trying to create a strong bond with the community.”

But Hampton is hesitant about the stadium becoming a permanent concert venue.

“Let’s get maybe a few more under our belts and see how it goes,” Hampton said.

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