Family says memorial honoring 22-year-old Detroit murder victim was vandalized

Crime Stoppers posters also destroyed, family says

Memorial to Detroit murder victim vandalized multiple times

DETROIT – A grieving family said someone vandalized the memorial for 22-year-old Rashad Kimball, who was shot and killed in November on Detroit’s east side.

The family also said someone seems to continuously rip up Crime Stoppers posters asking people to call in with tips. Kimball’s father, Michael Horner, said every time it happens, the emotional wounds are reopened yet once again.

Since Kimball’s murder in the parking lot of his East Lafayette apartment building, Horner has been grieving and looking for answers.

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“That morning, I was getting ready to take him to the store. He said ‘You can let me out here and I’ll walk home,’ and he never did make it home,” he said. “He had ran through the lot. One gentleman In the building down there saw my son laying by the dumpster.”

Horner created a makeshift memorial to commemorate his son’s life, only to find it destroyed days later.

“It was broken up and thrown in front of the dollar store, and I was really kind of heartfelt about that because it was just a memorial for him and making a statement for him,” he said.

He’s also noticed the Crime Stoppers posters vandalized as well.

“It’s possible that they might have been the ones that did it. It’s touching them some kind of way. It’s bothering them some kind of way, just to scratch his face out on the poster. At first, it was hurting me more that they would do that,” he said.

It’s not dissuading him from seeking justice for his son. Another memorial now sits on his front lawn, hopefully untouched.

“I just do what I can do just to keep fighting for my son,” Horner said.

Police are still on the hunt for whoever may be responsible for Kimball’s death.

Anyone with any information can leave an anonymous tip at 800-Speak Up.

Local 4 also learned that Kimball had aspirations to become a business owner and was a great amateur boxer.

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