Video shows driver doing ‘ring of fire’ stunt at Detroit intersection

Detroit police investigating

Video shows driver doing 'ring of fire' stunt at Detroit intersection

DETROIT – A video of a driver performing a ring of fire was posted on Facebook and is catching the attention of the Detroit Police Department.

“Who was actually bold enough to put a ring of fire in the middle of the street and then do donuts with two people on top of the car?” said Jacqueline Pritchett, Commander of Organized Crime with DPD. “I recently saw the video and I was appalled.”

It’s why she has her Drag Racing Detail Team on top of it but with little help from the public.

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“No 911 calls were made, which shocked me. You have a ring of fire in the middle of the street, you would think someone would have called 911,” Pritchett said.

The video blew up quickly on Facebook, taking place on Seven Mile Road. However, no one is saying exactly where.

“This is a ritual that they do when there’s a loss of life for those who are in that drift and drag racing element. And that’s probably the reason why it was done. Unsafe, yes it was, but I guess in their minds, it’s paying homage to a fallen brother,” Pritchett said.

It’s different and dangerous.

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“The disrespect that some of these drivers have, riding down the street. There are children outside playing. The community is outraged and so am I,” Pritchett said.

On the weekend of July 2-4, DPD’s Organized Crime, Commercial Auto Theft Section and detailed precinct patrol units conducted proactive policing throughout the city of Detroit to address illegal drifting or drag racing.

The following enforcement was taken:

  • 59 Males investigated
  • 34 Females investigated
  • 64 Autos investigated
  • 64 Traffic stops
  • 2 Citations issued
  • 5 Impounds
  • 2 Felony arrests
  • 2 Weapons recovered

DPD is asking anyone who witnesses someone performing stunts to write down or record the license plate number and then call 911.

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