‘Danny is a sitting duck’ -- Family of Metro Detroit journalist detained in Myanmar worries about COVID spike


The family of Danny Fenster raised new concerns over the the detained journalist’s health and safety.

DETROIT – The family of Danny Fenster raised new concerns over the the detained journalist’s health and safety.

As of Thursday, he has spent 53 days in jail after his arrest following a military coup in Myanmar.

His family in Berkley is worried about what’s happening 7,900 miles away.

Bryan Fenster tweeted that he believes his brother is a “sitting duck” due to a new wave of COVID in Myanmar.

“He had fever, congestion -- all the symptoms,” Bryan Fenster said.

The concerns regarding COVID began after the family spoke with Danny Fenster before he went before a judge for a Zoom hearing due to COVID in the prison.

The judge ordered Danny Fenster be held until another hearing.

“Extremely disappointing as a family. We’re scared. We’re very concerned COVID is bouncing all over this prison,” Bryan Fenster said. “He reported symptoms last week and, to our knowledge, he has still not been tested.”

Bryan Fenster said there was a light moment during his phone conversation where Danny joked about being in summer camp.

The new Myanmar regime arrested Danny Fenster in May and claimed he spread “false news” and “caused fear to a group of citizens” as the editor of the magazine “Frontier Myanmar.”

“This past conversation with him was very emotional and it was my parents first time talking to him at the time,” Bryan Fenster said. “46 days without communication, so being able to see that was a beautiful moment.”

Rep. Andy Levin has been working with the American Consulate and has been trying to get help for Danny Fenster. He said the prison has refused to vaccinate Danny.

Another concern for his family is there was no phone call recently and there isn’t one scheduled.

It is believed the prison is going to stop allowing the family to speak to him. The family said the phone calls have offered a glimmer of hope and without them, things will become more nerve-wracking.

“We have all read reports about this prison and how terrible the living conditions are,” Bryan Fenster said. “I cannot imaging being there, much less being sick.”


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