Detroit and Grosse Pointe residents hit with more flooding, damage to basements

Residents say they were still cleaning up after June flooding

Basements flooded again on Detroit's east side and in Grosse Pointe

DETROIT – Communities, including parts of Detroit’s east side and Grosse Pointe, were hit hard with flooding three weeks ago.

And on Friday, residents were faced with their basements flooding again.

Wesley Burns lives in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood. Unfortunately, it is not his first time dealing with water in his basement.

“All I know is out of the last four years or five, we’ve been flooded,” Burns said.

Burns said he had just recovered from the last flood that happened three weeks ago and water is in his basement again after Friday’s heavy rainfall.

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“It got up half way to my water tank and that’s 6 feet tall,” Burns said.

His daughter, Cynthia Burns, said it is overwhelming.

“It’s just a headache since the major flood. My dad is on a fixed income, so we have to replace two water heaters, one furnace, a washer, dryer, a freezer,” Cynthia Burns said.

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Ron Porter hired a cleaning crew to clean out his basement from the last flood Friday morning.

“Then I came down to the basement about 11:30 a.m. and water was bubbling up through my drain and laundry room,” Porter said. “This is a regional problem and we need to have a regional solution to our infrastructure.”

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New flooding hits east side neighborhoods still cleaning up from June floods