Company works to remove large tree from Berkley home after storms

Storm damage, flooding reported across Metro Detroit

High winds that ripped through Metro Detroit on Wednesday night caused a substantial amount of damage.

BERKLEY, Mich. – Levio Troiani with Mick & Dago Trees said his team worked overnight and all day Thursday removing a large tree that was on top of a home on Kenmore Road in Berkley.

The tree fell during Wednesday night’s storms.

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“There’s about half dozen holes up in the roof. Some are worse than others,” Troiani said.

Troiani said they had to rush but to be careful at the same time.

“We just took a branch at a time. We took pieces off the roof until we got to the trunk ... Trying to save whatever we could,” he said. “It probably was roughly around 90 feet tall. It’s been here longer than we’ve been alive.”

Troiani said the last few weeks have been busy for his team because of the flooding and strong winds. He’s removed tree after tree, at least 40.

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