Dearborn Heights residents frustrated with constant flooding

Neighborhood hit with flooding just weeks after last flood hit area

Metro Detroit neighbors fed up with constant flooding

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – Overnight storms caused parts of Metro Detroit to flood Thursday morning, leaving hundreds of thousands of Michiganders without power.

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Residents in Dearborn Heights are frustrated after the latest bout of flooding, less than a month after the last time the area flooded.

The neighborhood, just off Telegraph Road at Hanover and Currier streets, has been flooded repeatedly over summer. They said they’re fed up with the water and the drivers.

The wind and rain backed Ecorse Creek up and into the neighborhood.

Currier Street still had furniture, trash and household items destroyed in the last flood on the curb to be picked up when the latest bout of flooding hit.

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Residents said they have changed where they park to preserve their vehicles.

Ollie Cox bought a home in the area in 2010 and while he’s learned to live with the flooding, he said it’s getting old.

“There’s neighbors down there that have been here for 30 years and it’s flooded,” Cox said. “It comes up out of the sewers. It comes out of the cracks in the sidewalk, everywhere and it isn’t regular rain water -- it’s nasty, mucky sewer water.”

One resident -- who goes by Junior -- said he spends a lot of time in the neighborhood helping a family friend with the heavy rain.

“This is crazy. Every time it floods, we have to rush over here to help him pick his furniture up because it’s underwater,” Junior said.

Another problem in the neighborhood has been drivers who believe their vehicles can make it through the water and can’t.

Dan Murray spoke with the driver of a sedan who came to visit a friend.

“He said it started floating and started backing it out here, got out and back onto the drier ground and for some reason, he tried it again and this time, he didn’t make it,” Murray said.

The city of Dearborn Heights has started the process of buying some of the homes in the area with the intent to demolish them, but residents said they want the city to do more than that.

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