Warren city councilman arrested after refusing to wear mask inside TCF Center

Video captures encounter between Detroit police, Councilman Eddie Kabacinski

An out-of-town councilman was arrested after refusing to observe the rules when it comes to COVID safety. And Detroit police were not having it.

DETROIT – A Warren city councilman refused to observe Detroit’s rules when it comes to COVID safety and police were not having it.

“I was leaving the TCF Center and saw a commotion. I was exiting and it was a guy standing there arguing with police about whether or not he was refusing to wear a mask basically,” said Wayne County Commissioner Jonathan Kinloch.

Kinloch recorded the incident on his cell phone, sharing it with Local 4.

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Kinloch identifies the person as Warren City Councilman Eddie Kabacinski. In the video, Kabacinski refuses to wear his mask inside the TCF Center.

“More specifically, it’s a vaccination site. So it is mandated and of course the officers were trying to explain that to the councilman, but he refused to even recognize that,” Kinloch said.

“This is a public meeting that is run by the state of Michigan. This is not a Detroit thing. This is a state of Michigan,” Kabacinski said in the video.

The video showed Detroit police repeatedly asking the councilman to leave but he refused.

Kabacinski was recently arrested for handcuffing a woman during a Trump rally and arrested again for selling items without a permit, also at another Trump Rally.

“The buck stops with the leadership of the city council and they need to decide what proper image they want to have for themselves,” said Warren Mayor Jim Fouts.

Detroit police said the city councilman was taken into custody for “trespassing at the TCF Center.”