Metro Detroiters stock up on food, gas ahead of incoming snowstorm

Aisles inside Costco are jammed, checkout lines abysmal

LIVONIA, Mich – Although it may be the calm before the storm outside right now, that is not the case at grocery stores and gas stations across Metro Detroit.

People are scrambling to stock up ahead of the snowstorm, and shelves are already pretty bare.

The line for gas at Costco is always long, but with a winter storm at our doorstep Tuesday (Feb. 1) at Costco on Middlebelt Road in Livonia. The gas line is incredibly long and has been like this throughout the day.

I saw Alex Fisher shaking her head when she got in the massive line for gas.

“It’s insane, but I guess it makes sense for what we’re expecting to get over the next couple of days,” Fisher said.

Gas at the Livonia Costco is 2.96, which is a good 40 cents lower than other places across Metro Detroit.

Saving a little on these high gas prices and not having to venture out into the snow in the next few days is worth the wait for drivers.

The aisles inside Costco are absolutely jammed, and the checkout lines are abysmal.

It is like this all over Metro Detroit.

“It is a zoo, a total zoo,” said Christina Panyard.

Panyard Is filling up her car with gas and her home with groceries.

“My strategy is to stock up on the things that will go bad,” Panyard said. “There’s a tremendous number of people inside the establishment as you’d think it was the day before Thanksgiving inside. I’ve never seen the shelves barer than they are right now.”

Incoming snowstorm urges Metro Detroiters to stock up on food and gas

You've probably noticed we've added some information at the bottom of the screen on expected snow totals across different communities. Those numbers have already motivated a lot of folks to stock up on food and gas. There are some empty shelves and very full parking lots.

The snowfall predictions have already motivated a lot of folks to stock up on food and gas. There are some empty shelves and very full parking lots.

In the Meijer parking lot on Middlebelt Road in Livonia, seen in the video player above, are packed cars with people searching for necessities ahead of the winter storm.

Inside the store, people are packing the place preparing for the winter storm that’s is coming to their doorsteps in a matter of hours.

Bill Lamb is filling up at a Kroger on Michigan Avenue in busy Dearborn.

“Needed to fill up because I didn’t want to have to do it in the snow,” said Lamb.

The thing is, bill is in town visiting from sunny Florida where he could actually be at this very moment.

“Right,” Lamb said. “My family is from up here and I had to take care of that. Now, I am good to go.”

Also standing in line is super son Brandon Zanski.

“I filled up my mom and dads car so they don’t have to get up and come out here,” said Zanski. “My parents don’t know I am doing this but this is what you have to do.”

Zanski is also ready for this winter wallop.

“Snow blower ready to go,” Zanski said.

Inside a Dearborn Kroger where shoppers are stocking up and finding empty shelves, empty cases, and long lines.

But most like Kim Moore are getting just what they need for the next several days.

“I am just trying to get prepared for the incoming storm,” said Moore. “It’s crazy inside, but my girl Margaret at register 12, she got that line dwindling down.”

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