13-year-old girl, dog shot while walking on Detroit’s east side

Girl, dog caught in crossfire between two vehicles on 7 Mile Road, police say

A 13-year-old girl was shot while walking her dog in Detroit Saturday evening. She was reportedly caught in the crossfire between two people firing shots at each other from vehicles on the road.

DETROIT – A teenage girl and her dog were both shot Saturday evening while on a walk on Detroit’s east side, police say.

At about 6:23 p.m., the 13-year-old girl was reportedly walking her dog on East 7 Mile Road, between Schoenherr Street and Gratiot Avenue, when a SUV and an ATV came down the street, with people from both vehicles firing shots at each other.

Detroit police say the girl was caught in the crossfire and was shot in the left foot. She was taken to the hospital.

Police say the girl’s dog was also shot in the foot. Both the teen and the dog are expected to be OK.

“You know, another tragic incident of indiscriminate gunplay in the city of Detroit,” said DPD Commander Eric Decker. “And, again, we have a very young child, very innocent child, doing absolutely nothing wrong and suffers the effects of those gunshots.

“Right now we don’t have a lot of information. We’re certainly looking at our video assets and camera assets in this area.”

According to police, one person has been arrested for driving through the crime scene. It is currently unclear what charges they will face.

No other details have been provided at this time. This is an ongoing investigation.

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