Virginia family’s truck, trailer stolen after driving to Detroit for Autorama

Family’s muscle car on display at Downtown Detroit’s Autorama

DETROIT – A family from Virginia that traveled to Detroit for Autorama is seeking the public’s help to find their truck and trailer, which were stolen from outside their downtown hotel.

A Virginia family drove to Detroit with their muscle car to display it in this weekend’s hot rod and custom vehicle show, Autorama. When they woke up Saturday morning, they found that their truck and trailer were taken from their spot outside the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel.

“The intersection camera showed a burgundy GMC Envoy pull up to my truck at 1:15 last night, enter my truck and leave with my truck,” truck owner Jeff Bennett said Saturday. “They actually circled the block two to three times before leaving with the truck.”

The family’s muscle car was not in the trailer when it was stolen -- the vehicle is on display at Autorama, which is being held at Huntington Place. The family says that they were thankfully set up with a towing company that has agreed to pick up their muscle car from Autorama and bring it to their home in Virginia.

Still, they are looking for their white truck and white trailer, which are pictured above. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detroit police.

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