Morning 4: How to identify, eliminate a bed bug infestation in your home -- and more news

Here are the top stories for the morning of Sept. 14, 2022

Morning 4 is a quick roundup of stories we think you should know about to start your day. So, let’s get to the news.

No sleepless nights: Tips for identifying and eliminating a bed bug infestation in your home

Bed bugs are small, flat insects that feed on the blood of people and animals while they sleep.

They are very good at hiding and their slim, flat bodies allow them to fit in tiny spaces and stay there for long periods of time. They can go without feeding for between 20 to 400 days depending on temperature and humidity, according to studies.

Bed bugs are not a sign of a dirty home or poor personal hygiene. Bed bugs travel to new places by hiding in furniture, suitcases or other objects that get moved around. They are not known to spread disease, but can be annoying because they can cause itching and loss of sleep.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Car guy Biden to tout electric vehicles at Detroit auto show

President Joe Biden, a gearhead with his own vintage Corvette, will showcase his administration’s efforts to promote electric vehicles during a visit to the Detroit auto show.

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Deadly stabbing in Fraser leads to middle school, high school lockdown

A deadly stabbing in a Fraser neighborhood led to lockdowns at both middle and high schools on Tuesday.

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2 women charged with swiping multiple purses from shopping carts in Canton, using stolen cards

Two women have been charged with stealing multiple purses from shopping carts at Canton Township stores and then using the credit and debit cards inside to make purchases.

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Weather: Warming up through the week in Metro Detroit

Here is the weather forecast for Metro Detroit.

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