Stolen car victim taunted by thieves on social media in Metro Detroit

One method used was sending the owner videos of his car in dangerous situations

DETROIT – Imagine getting your car stolen and getting taunted about it. That happened to a Metro Detroit man when his Dodge Charger Scat Pack was stolen.

Thieves took the man’s car and tried to get him to pay to get it back.

One method to achieve the goal was sending the owner videos of the car in a few dangerous situations.

“I’m just grateful to get it back like that,” said Brandon. “Because some of the guys that were trying to help me find it, their cars were taken too, and they said they got their car back, and it was completely stripped.”

Brandon is lucky to be driving Tuesday (Jan. 3) night in his scat pack. Less than 24 hours ago, it was in the hands of thieves.

“I hear my car start up, and I look out the window, and I see it pulling out the driveway,” Brandon said.

Because of that reason, he didn’t want to show his face or use his last name. The culprits found Brandon’s social media info, where they sent him several videos of his car being taken on a dangerous joyride.

“The people texted me saying, ‘I got your car,’” Brandon said. “I need $3,000 for it back.”

Brandon thought the worst until he received word that his car was spotted around Detroit’s west side.

“Somebody sent me a tip of where they thought they saw the car, and I thought I seen the car, too,” Brandon said. “I called the police and let them know, and the police were like, ‘we can’t go back there and get your car. There’s nothing we can do about it.’”

From there, Brandon decides to take matters into his own hands, picking up his car from Dexter Avenue and Joy Road with just a couple of friends at 4 a.m. But he’s puzzled as to what the plan was.

“It’s not adding up to me,” Brandon said. “You want $3,000 for a car that has a $10,000 motor in it. That’s how I know who took it didn’t know. Anyone who knows these cars knows they’re very high valued cars.”

Thankfully, it was all in one piece with only a busted-out rear passenger window.

“They do know where I live, but at the same time, I’m not really worried about it,” Brandon said. “I have the means to defend my home when it comes down to the situation.”

Brandon says he’s just happy to have the car back.

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