How a Metro Detroit business owner is motivating employee vaccination

25% of Liz Blondy’s employees are vaccinated -- she aims to change that

Local business offers employees incentives to get vaccinated

DETROIT – The pandemic has wreaked havoc on so many small businesses, but with the vaccines available now there is light at the end of the tunnel.

At Canine To Five, all the precautions have been taken to keep employees safe. Business-owner Liz Blondy has an idea for everyone to get back to business.

The dog grooming, day care and boarding business in Detroit was lucky to stay open during the pandemic.

“We had doctors bringing their pups,” Blondy said.

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But it’s not business as usual. Blondy believes that will happen when most -- if not all -- of her employees are vaccinated.

“To bring confidence to our employees and customers,” Blondy said. “We wont be worried why a person is getting sick and not coming in. "

To incentivize her employees to get shots in their arms, she came up with some ideas: $50 to those who get the vaccine plus a paid day off the day after the second shot in case there are side effects.

Finally, each employee will get $100 if everyone on in the Detroit and Ferndale locations get vaccinated. Blondy said it’s not a mandate, but it’s strongly suggested.

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