How did the Detroit Lions do in the 2020 NFL draft?

DETROIT – The 2020 NFL Draft wrapped up Saturday -- how did the Detroit Lions do?

The Lions picked up five players in the final day of the draft -- A lineman, a wide receiver, running back and two defensive tackles. Overall, the Lions drafted nine players.

As a former Detroit Lions offensive tackle, Lomas Brown always looks at the guys up front. Friday, it was Jonah Jackson; Saturday, it was Logan Stenberg.

Brown said they’re a great pickup.

Overall, the Lions got three players from Ohio State University -- Jeff Okudah, Jashon Cornell and Jackson -- and runningback D’Andre Swift from the University of Georgia. Brown said those college programs are a cut above and even with the unusual off-season, he believes they will be ready to play.

Brown said with the Lions’ draft picks and free agents picked up recently, they will be a better team, but he also thinks the Minnesota Vikings got better in the draft and -- now that Aaron Rogers has incentive to win, the Lions division will still be difficult.

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