Fourth of July is ‘most dangerous day’ for cell phones

Tech insurance company says phone damage increased on July 4, 2020

July Fourth 'most dangerous day' for cell phones

With the state reopening and skies clearing up for the Fourth of July weekend in Metro Detroit, more people are bound to celebrating outdoors.

But experts are encouraging people to be extra cautious with their cell phones during the holiday weekend.

Yes, your phone.

Technology care company Asurion says that July Fourth is the most dangerous day for your phone.

In 2020, there was a 37% increase in damage and lost or stolen phone claims on the summer holiday.

To help protect your phone, experts say you should:

  • Use a floating waterproof case to avoid water damage
  • Store your phone in a safe location while celebrating
  • Keep your phone out of direct sunlight so it doesn’t overheat

If your cell phone does overheat, do not put it in the freezer. Instead, you should move it out of the sun and let the phone slowly cool off.

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