A look back on what scams hit Metro Detroit and what’s ahead

Expect more phishing scams in your inbox

DETROIT – One in ten adults falls victim to a scam every year and 2019 was no exception.

Hank Winchester took a look back on what scams hit Metro Detroit and what’s yet to come.

If you want to be scam-free you have to know what the common ones are before you even get the call or email. So the Help Me Hank team mapped out which ones hit big in 2019 in Metro Detroit and what experts what you to know about future scams.

The biggest scams that hit Metro Detroit were impostor scams, romance scams and puppy scams. Michigan residents lost $1.89 million to impostor scammers pretending to be from the IRS or Social Security and told them they owed money. Government agencies do not do that.

Romance scams were on the rise in 2019. If someone you’ve never met face-to-face is asking you to give them money, it’s a scam. There was a rise in puppy scams too and Help Me Hank shared the story of a woman in Metro Detroit who lost almost $4,000.

Scammers know people are on the lookout so they’ll try spoofing a number that looks like it’s in your area or from someone you know. Expect more phishing scams in your inbox. If you get an email that’s asking you to click a link, it could be a front for something malicious.

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