City officials continue tracking down illegal dumpers in Detroit

Illegal dumping can be reported through Improve Detroit app or calling Department of Public Works at 313-224-3901

Cracking down on illegal dumpers

DETROIT – People dumping trash has always been a problem in Detroit but it’s becoming an even bigger issue as we come out of the pandemic.

Illegal dumpers are leaving behind a mess, and its worse now than ever before -- blame the pandemic and people cleaning out their junk.

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The Detroit Police Department has a team that tracks the trash dumpers, including a man who left a boat at an abandoned school.

The Rev. David Mcadoo is concerned about the mess piling up outside of his west side church, including a semi truck parked at a nearby abandoned house.

Police have been informed of the truck, which is being moved. The city is now aware of the dumping issues near the church.

“When you’re in a place where you want to be part of the community, and you come out and clean and then eventually it’s right back,” Mcadoo said. “It’s a terrible look and it’s just no safe. It’s definitely not safe when you have children coming around here, playing.”

You can report illegal dumping through the Improve Detroit app. The city responds within 48 hours and will work to clean up messes.

Tracking Trash: Illegal dumpers in your backyard? Let Help Me Hank know

Due to the recent massive flood, residents have placed debris on the curb waiting for pickup. Those residents will not be ticketed.

Watch the full report in the video above.


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