Innovative technology takes on potholes for Metro Detroit drivers

Technology makes drive smoother on damaged roads

DETROIT – Potholes aren't a new problem for Michigan residents. In fact, AAA responds to 4 million calls for flat tires every year.

This winter, many believe because of the fluctuating temperatures, residents might see even more potholes than ever before.

But there's technology that keeps the damage down if drivers hit potholes.

Ford workers are test-driving a new Ford Expedition that has technology to minimize the possible damage when drivers hit potholes.

You can see how the technology works in the video above.

The government has promised to fix the roads. Consumers spend an average of $3 billion every year on pothole repair damage, and most people spend about $300 per fix.

The new Ford Expedition, with the continuously controlled damping system, or CCD, has computers that analyze signals from 12 sensors and adjust the vehicle's stiffness setting when a pothole is detected.

It is expected to make the ride smoother.

Help Me Hank tested the technology, hitting various cracks, holes and problem areas on the road, and there was a noticeable difference.

No matter which tire makes contact with the obstacle, the technology balances the entire vehicle.

The technology is standard in many Ford models, but not all. It's not easy to add to a current ride, but it is easier to get when it's bundled in with other upgrades.

Below is more information about the technology from Ford:

  • Pothole mitigation is a standard feature of the CCD technology here at Ford.
  • It’s called CCD with pothole mitigation. (It’s a feature of CCD- Continuously Controlled Damping) 
  • It starts operating as soon as the car encounters the lip of a pothole — faster than the blink of an eye — making the shock absorber stiffen so that the front wheel won't fall into the hole.
  • The system significantly reduces the jarring feeling of driving down a pothole-riddled road and minimizes damage to your vehicle caused by potholes.
  • Any Expedition configuration with 22 inch wheels also includes CCD.

Click here to view more about the CCD technology at Ford Motor Company.

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