Ann Arbor athletes head to Olympic Trials; racist graffiti on local home; Donut Day in A2

Members of the men's and women's swimming teams at the University of Michigan in a team huddle at Matt Mann Pool in Ann Arbor. (Michigan Photography)

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Starting today, 28 current and former University of Michigan swimmers will be competing for spots on the U.S. Olympic Team at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Here’s how you can tune in to the preliminaries and finals of the events over the next couple of weeks to cheer on the Wolverines.

Meanwhile, Ann Arbor high school student Hobbs Kessler -- who’s been making national headlines this year with his record-shattering runs -- is headed to the Olympic Trials after another impressive run last Saturday.

We’ll be following their progress closely.

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What’s been happening:

🚨 A 10-year-old girl discovered a racist message written on her family home this week. The family wants people to know that racism still exists even in a town like Ann Arbor. (A4)

💉 Washtenaw County is in the process of scaling back its mass COVID vaccination efforts as vaccine supply is abundant. Still need a vaccine? Here’s a list of vaccination clinics run by the Health Department this month. (A4)

🧪️ How reliable are COVID antibody tests? A team at U-M has found that some are incredibly accurate. Others? Not so much. (A4)

🦠️ A medical historian at U-M says the coronavirus pandemic will likely “fade out.” Listen to the interview. (WEMU)

🤝 After spending 944 days taking sanctuary in Ann Arbor Friends Meeting House, a West African immigrant has finally been granted a new level of freedom. (A4)

🗣 A University of Michigan professor has announced he will resign after new allegations of sexual assault by the computer science faculty member came to light. (A4)

🏠 New research from the Michigan Eviction Project at U-M reveals how much of an impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on preventing evictions. (A4)

🍼 Remember that baby boom everyone was talking about at the beginning of the pandemic? Well, pregnancies and birth rates actually slowed until now, but experts at Michigan Medicine expect a “baby surge” this summer and fall. (A4)

Good to know:

🍩 It’s National Donut Day! Here’s where you can grab a sweet treat -- or four -- in the area. (A4)

🏃‍♀️ The annual Dexter-Ann Arbor Run is back on this year. The event will feel different with several safety protocols in place, but it’s better than no race, right? (A4)

🥴️ Okay, this is a weird one and may not affect you at all, but -- Brood X cicadas are peeing on people. Yes, this is a thing and I thought you should know! #DontLookUp. (A4)

🌳 It’s A2Zero week and more than 20 family-friendly in-person and virtual events are planned in celebration of the city’s first anniversary of its carbon neutrality plan. (A4)

Feature interview of the week:

“For a long time, we know we’ve needed to update our high-rise firefighting procedures and that just goes with the explosion of the vertical growth of the downtown core of Ann Arbor.”

- Mike Kennedy, Ann Arbor Fire Chief

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