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View of Detroit from the Windsor sky camera on July 8, 2019 at 8:05 p.m. (WDIV)

Here's what happened during the 30-hour police standoff with a gunman in St. Clair Shores

Police are providing a much clearer picture Monday of what happened during a 30-hour standoff with a gunman in St. Clair Shores.

The gunman, Tom Ihlendfeldt, 58, and a woman, Carol Baur, 60, were found dead inside the home, according to authorities.

Police said Ihlendfeldt got angry that his neighbors were shooting off fireworks around 10 p.m. Thursday for the Fourth of July. That's when everything spun out of control, officials said.

Here's what happened during the 30-hour police standoff with a gunman in St. Clair Shores

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4 fast facts

  • A 17-year-old boy was stabbed to death Saturday during a graduation party in Taylor. Read more.

  • Michigan's attorney general has charged a priest who spent the last 26 years at several churches around Metro Detroit with criminal sexual conduct. Learn more.

  • A man who was sentenced to spend weekends in the Macomb County Jail is suing the county and eight jail guards, claiming he was violently beaten for no reason. Read more.

  • A J.C. Penney store has closed after more than 90 years at two locations in southwestern Michigan. Learn more.

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Ticket prices

When you’re promoting an event, publicity is usually a good thing, but Detroit’s AfroFuture Fest is getting national attention for a reason the organizers say they never intended.

Numi Ayers and Franchesca Lamarre really haven't had time for much the last couple of days. They are the concert planners for a two-day festival called AfroFuture Fest.

“We have Milfie performing and we have Blkboyshine, who will be hosting, as well. We have Charity, Curtis Roach,” Lamarre said.


Detroit Charter Revision Commission

“The case is closed; there are no grounds for assault,” said Nicole Small, vice chair of the Detroit Charter Revision Commission. Small said she has been waiting to talk about this.

“This has now turned into an attack and an assassination on my character.  This is why I stand here today to clear my name,” said Small. Small addressed the media Monday as several supporters stood behind her.


Skilled trades

For years, Michigan has worked to boost the number of skilled trades workers, and it remains one of the top issues facing businesses in the state.

On Monday, a new campaign called "Going Pro" was unveiled with the intent of starting a cultural shift in how students and their parents evaluate their futures.


Roseville flash floods

The mayor of Roseville has declared an emergency after flash floods over the weekend left basements flooded and caused significant damage to the City Hall.

Saturday's rain came down so fast it overwhelmed the system and left the water with no place to go. On Monday, residents had to clean out flooded basements, as did officials at City Hall.


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