Sources: Ford Field to be used as regional mass vaccination site

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DETROIT – Sources have confirmed that Ford Field will be used as a regional mass vaccination site starting next month.

Sources in Wayne County said that FEMA has not yet defined what “regional” means.

Detroit police were quietly providing security outside of Ford Field on Monday while inside a team from FEMA got a close look.

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency wanted to see Ford Field up close and plan with Wayne County government officials about using the 65,000 seat stadium as a COVID-19 mass vaccination site.

FEMA wants Ford Field up and running for vaccinations by mid-March. The goal is to get 6,000 people in each day at first.

The field will be for senior citizens who have had a hard time getting vaccinated in Wayne County and other vulnerable adults.


Wayne County Commissioner Ray Basham said FEMA is aware of how Michigan county health departments, city health departments and health systems are competing for doses.

“When I found out thanks to you making calls ... It is my understanding FEMA met with folks to look at a massive vaccination shot country,” Basham said.

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