Truck traffic returns to Detroit neighborhood near Stellantis plant

Third-party company transporting parts allegedly driving through residential areas

Truck traffic returns to neighborhood near Detroit Stellantis plant

DETROIT – When residents complained about loud trucks rolling through their Pingree Park neighborhood at all hours, Stellantis promised the traffic would stop.

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At the time, Stellantis said they were working with the city to alleviate issues and have removed the truck routes from the neighborhood. About a week later, truck traffic appears to have resumed in the neighborhood.

Residents said the constant loud trucks have been impacting their sleep and their mental health.

The trucks are marked with Universal Logistics logos, a trucking and shipping company owned by the Moroun family. The trucks are suppling parts to the Stellantis Detroit Assembly Complex on St. Jean where the Jeep Grand Cherokee is made.

Stellantis said the company is rerouting the trucks away from the neighborhood and back to busier streets, but some of the Universal trucks are back on the routes Stellantis told them to avoid.

After the weekend storms and flooding, roadways in the area are showing cracks and residents are concerned there might be sinkholes.

The neighbors are asking for Universal to help by sticking to the routes Stellantis agreed to.

Stellantis released the following statement Thursday afternoon:

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