Watch: Local 4′s ‘Spirit of Detroit’ special

Meet the inspirational people that truly embody the Spirit of Detroit

The one-hour special, hosted by Devin Scillian and Kimberly Gill, shows the courage, strength and kindness of Metro Detroit.

DETROIT – In 1955, the city of Detroit commissioned a sculpture from renowned artist Marshall Fredericks to be placed at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center on Woodward Avenue. The large statue holds in its left hand a bronze sphere that Fredericks said symbolized God and in its right hand is a family that symbolizes humanity.

When it was installed, the sculpture was the largest cast bronze statue created since the Renaissance.

Fredericks said he hoped the 26-foot-tall sculpture might encourage and inspire.

Unlike many works of art, he did not give a name to the sculpture, though Detroiters soon took to calling it “The Spirit of Detroit.”

When things seem to be at their worst, Metro Detroiters rise to their best. The Spirit of Detroit drives us to dig deeper, not merely for the best of who we are, but for the best of who we can be for each other.

That spirit has never faced a challenge more daunting than the crisis that confronts us now. Yet, we see it across Metro Detroit everyday. We see it expressed in strength, resilience, courage and -- something that flourishes in abundance in our communities -- kindness.

As we continue to face the coronavirus pandemic and racial strife, Metro Detroiters stand strong to lift each other up.

The one-hour special, hosted by Devin Scillian and Kimberly Gill, can be seen in the video player above.

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