Troy family concerned after dog ingests rat poison

Neighbor puts out poison for rats coming from a construction zone

The poison was placed to get rid of the rodents coming from a construction zone

TROY, Mich. – A Troy family said ongoing construction in the area is bringing out rats. What is more concerning for them is when their dog became sick after ingesting rat poison.

It’s a problem Sean and Gail Henning said they have been dealing with for some time now. It’s not the construction near the neighborhood, but rats running away from the construction zone into their neighborhoods.

They said a neighbor started putting out rat poison by their homes to get rid of the rodents. However, their animals are getting into the poison.

“I went to let our dog out the other day after he’d eaten, and I was doing a couple of things around the house. I went to let him back in like I normally do. I saw he was eating something on the ground. I went to go see what it was and it looked to me like it was rat poison pellet,” said Sean Henning.

Sean Henning said he rushed the family dog to the vet.

“It seems like everything was fine this morning after the morning blood test to make sure none of the poison got into his blood stream. He did have elevated levels for a kidney shutdown. So our dog is now at an emergency vet for the next four days, getting IV fluids to flush all of the toxins out of his system,” said Gail Henning.

They’re worried things could get worse.

“It’s not just the pets in the neighborhood, which I have personally told every pet owner, but a small child can get hold of this, unknown to the parents. This has become a dangerous point in our neighborhood that our animals and children can be harmed because it’s not being taken care of and people aren’t dealing with the poison respectfully,” said Gail Henning.