Mother arrested after argument over food delivery leads to accidental shooting of toddler in Detroit

Mother to face charges soon

DETROIT – A Detroit toddler is in critical condition after police say she was accidentally shot by her own mother during an argument with a neighbor.

It happened last night on the city’s west side allegedly over an argument about food delivery.

Original Story: Mother accidentally shoots 1-year-old during dispute with neighbor in Detroit

“Now my granddaughter is fighting for her life and these people around here are still thinking it’s a joke,” said Annette Amos, the child’s grandmother.

Amos is feeling the unimaginable pain of her granddaughter being shot allegedly at the hands of her own mother during a feud with the neighbor next door.

However, she says the back and forth drama has been going on for quite some time.

“My three grandchildren stay here and this has been going on for over four to five months,” she said.

But Monday night things seemed to come to a head when food was delivered to the wrong home.

An argument broke out between the two and the neighbor decided to grab a hammer allegedly ready to attack.

In turn, we’re told the victim’s mother, a CPL holder pulled out a gun and fired several shots, accidentally hitting her own 1-year-old daughter who was sitting in the car outside.

“I know she is heartbroken. She got to be. Over food being delivered to the wrong place, all you had to do was recall and reorder. That’s petty,” said Lashone Parks.

Both her and neighbor Phillip Jackson heard the shots and called 911. The toddler was rushed to the hospital.

“I ain’t know until I heard and looked out my window and someone said, oh my God a baby got shot. I’m like oh lord no,” said Parks.

Jackson also weighed in on the incident.

“She didn’t intend to do it. It just happened like that,” said Jackson.

Unfortunately, the mother is now going to have to face the consequences for the accident. She’s currently in custody and will soon be charged.

In the meantime, her mother is saying the police are worried about the wrong person.

“When you got people coming at you to attack you and you reach back for your revolver, who says what might happen? So be it, they shouldn’t even bother her,” said Amos.

Police are still looking for any information they can find.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-Speak-Up.

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