Southwest Detroit family concerned for its safety after shooting outside home

Bullet narrowly missed 17-year-old girl in her bed

DETROIT – A family in southwest Detroit was fast asleep when someone opened fire outside their home.

They say it is not the first time this has happened.

“They almost got my daughter two feet from her head with a bullet,” said Juan Navarro, whose house was shot up.

It was a reckless shooting as the family slept.

“It’s really scary for me,” said Navarro.

That bullet narrowly missed the 17-year-old girl in her bed.

The bullet ended up lodged in the teen’s closet door.

“It was very close to her, like two feet from her. She thought she heard a mouse, woke up and took a look and saw a mess,” said Navarro.

Thankfully no one in the family was injured.

“We’re a little relieved, but we won’t sleep on that side of the house,” said Navarro.

The shooting happened early Saturday morning at Green and Lafayette in Southwest Detroit.

“Everybody was shocked, no one knew what to do. This was really random, don’t know who did it,” said Navarro.

The Navarro family considered moving before and this random shooting has them concerned next time it might be worse.

“This is surreal, don’t know how to prevent it, could come from the front side,” he said.

The family says street lights in their neighborhood are routinely shooting targets.

Detroit police are investigating the case.


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