102-year-old Novi man, World War II veteran receives COVID-19 vaccine

First Brookdale Nursing home resident to receive vaccine

NOVI, Mich. – Nursing home patients across Michigan are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. John Baker recently received his first dose, he is 102 years old.

“I’m only 102, you know. Just a young guy,” Baker said.

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Baker is the first resident at Brookdale Nursing home in Novi to receive the vaccine.

“I wanted to know if I had to spend some time to see what’s gonna happen. But I feel just fine,” Baker said.

This is the second pandemic Baker has experienced. The first was the flu pandemic of 1918.

“My dad was killed in a coal mine in Kentucky when I was 8 years old. Things have really been going for me since,” Baker said.

In the years following that hardship, Baker decided to enlist in the service.


“I went into the service in 1940. Spent six years in World War II,” Baker said.

After serving in World War II, Baker went into the Navy for another 8 years until finally serving in the Coast Guard.

“I don’t feel it, you know. I really don’t feel it,” Baker said.

Baker would also like to thank all the staff at Brookdale Novi.

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