Dearborn police officer under investigation after video of arrest goes viral

Activist groups calling for change in the city

Dearborn officer under investigation after video of violent arrest goes viral

DEARBORN – A Dearborn police officer is being investigated for excessive use of force after a video of an arrest goes viral.

The video has activist groups call for change in the city.

“It’s tough to watch,” said Alexandria Hughes with Michigan Liberation and Accountability for Dearborn. “We see a pattern in Dearborn where the policies show discrimination, racism as well. We want to eradicate those and replace them with anti-racist ones. We’re looking for equity and fairness and for all people to be able to live in Dearborn.”

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But Hughes said that’s a far fetch goal after the video went viral. It showed a violent altercation between a Dearborn police officer and a man, who she said is homeless and has mental issues.

“The first thing I thought of is that it was state-sanctioned violence and violence that continues. I honestly want to see it stop,” said Hughes.

The edited video was posted on Instagram, showing a Dearborn Police Officer trying to arrest the man when he falls to the ground.

“I’ve been advocating for changes within the police department, for the police not to respond to those with mental disabilities and this repeatedly happens,” said Hughes.

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That’s why the organization, she said, is calling for change within Dearborn police.

“I want to see Police Chief Haddad create some kind of accountability measures and make them public so we see that you’re holding officers accountable. Show us that you hold them accountable, like you hold citizens accountable, like you hold Black people accountable, just for being Black,” she said.

In response to the video, Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad said, ”We’re doing a full investigation. There is a lot of false information out there. We will have a full disclosure next week.”

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