Oakland County deputies investigate after 8-year-old shot in the leg

Child and father both shot in Pontiac, expected to be OK

8-year-old shot in the leg in Pontiac
8-year-old shot in the leg in Pontiac

PONTIAC – The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after 8-year-old was shot in the leg.

The incident happened Tuesday on Lebaron Avenue near Joslyn Avenue and North Perry Street in Pontiac.

“Yesterday (Tuesday) wasn’t normal at all,” said Bethann Vellelunga. “This doesn’t really happen in the neighborhood and I said ‘Uh oh, this is right.’”

Vellelunga said that feeling took over her when she saw two to three men leaving her neighbor’s home. Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies said they received a call of a shooting at the house. Two victims were shot -- a 31-year-old man and his 8-year old son.

The victim said he was outside his home when three male suspects, whom he didn’t know, pulled up alongside him in a Black SUV. One of the suspects yelled that he wanted to show him something. That when the victim turned away and started walking inside the home, but the suspects got out of the car and followed him.

The father told police that he ran inside with the 8-year-old and hid in the bathroom with his girlfriend and son. The suspects allegedly ordered them to come out or they’ll shoot into the bathroom.

Deputies said the suspects stole jewelry and cash from the home, but before leaving, they shot the father in the upper right leg and then shot the family dog -- the bullet also hit the child.

Deputies said the father changed his story to police multiple times.

Both the father and the boy are expected to be OK.

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