American Red Cross volunteers hand out clean-up kits across Metro Detroit

Volunteers help residents clean flooded basements, storm damage

Red Cross volunteers hand out flooding cleanup kits

DETROITAs Metro Detroiters deal with the aftermath of the devastating storms, the American Red Cross is traveling from city to city to help people clean up.

Neil Todd signed up to volunteer for the American Red Cross shortly after he retired.

“I’ve been doing this for the last almost 12 years now,” Todd said. “And I’d say it’s most rewarding job I’ve ever had.”

And it’s times like this, after natural disasters, that Todd feels most rewarded by lending a helping hand.

“It’s one of those things,” Todd said. “I don’t know who feels better about giving or them about receiving.”

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Those impacted by the storms are receiving clean-up kits from the American Red Cross, who has volunteers driving from town to town to distribute them.

“They’ve got all types of cleanup equipment -- mops, buckets, bleaches, sponges, whatever somebody needs to clean up that basement,” Todd said. “What we do is we’ll drive through the community with with these trucks. What we’ll do is there’s a horn on there, I mean it sounds like the old fire engine horn, it’s loud.”

Todd said there is a great need for the clean-up kits, so they are going to continue to hand them out until they’re gone.

“Probably a couple more days, or at least until as long as our supplies last,” Todd said. “That’s hard to say at this point. It’s unpredictable.”

All of the cleaning supplies were from donations given to the American Red Cross. To donate, or to find more information on the American Red Cross, visit the official website here.

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