‘Not again’: New flooding hits Detroit neighborhoods still cleaning up from previous storm

‘It’s just terrible. People are going through it over here in this neighborhood’

Basements flood again in Metro Detroit

DETROIT – Basements on Detroit’s east side were full of water again on Friday in areas such as the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood.

Other Metro Detroit neighborhoods, like the Grosse Pointes, were also hit hard.

“My furnace, I just had that repaired, water heater washer/dryer everything was just covered,” said retired Detroit firefighter Robert Tucker.

Tucker said he recently got things back to normal when the rain on Friday found its way back into his basement on Hillcrest Street. He immediately rushed downstairs.

“I’m hearing that noise and I said ‘Oh my God.’ It sounded like a stream,’” Tucker said.

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Tucker used a pump to suck up the water out of his basement but is nervous to clean everything up.

“I just don’t trust it. That’s why I left it right here because I knew it was going to happen again,” he said.

Anthony Gordon lives on Moross Road, and his basement flooded on Friday as well. There was water up to the second step.

“‘Oh Lord, not again.’ It’s just terrible. People are going through it over here in this neighborhood,” said Gordon.

Like Tucker, Gordon also just finished cleaning up the mess from the recent flood in late June. Both men are now worried about future floods.

“We just cleaned all of the stuff out of here. We just moved everything, disinfected the floors,” Gordon said.

Neighbors on the east side said they can’t afford to keep cleaning their basements or hiring people to do it.

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