Live stream: Officials address copycat social media school threats in Metro Detroit

Lockers in the hallway of a school. (WDIV)

Law enforcement officials are holding a news conference Thursday afternoon to address what they are calling “a tidal wave of copycat threats” to Metro Detroit school districts in the wake of the horrific mass shooting at Oxford High School.

  • The event is scheduled for 4 p.m. Thursday. Watch live above.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard, Oakland County Executive David Coulter, Oakland County Prosecutor Karen D. McDonald, a representative from Oakland Schools, various Oakland County police chiefs and school superintendents will be in attendance.

“Tuesday’s tragic shooting at Oxford High School has created a tidal wave of copycat threats to area school districts, prompting more than half of the public schools in Oakland County and other districts outside the county to suspend classes,” reads a statement from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. “Bouchard and the other attendees will address concerns about such social media threats to inform and allay fears students, parents, teachers, and school support staff may have and share what steps are in place to ensure a safe learning environment.”