Several arrested after police chase ends with car crashing into tree in Detroit

Multiple people were taken into custody.

DETROIT – Police are investigating a car chase in Southfield that ended in a crash near Ashton Road and Pilgrim Street in Detroit.

It was quite the surprise for everyone living in this neighborhood. To them, it felt like something from an action movie scene unfolding with multiple people on the run from police in their own backyards.

“This is shocking, as you can see all of our neighbors coming outside,” said Terrina Murrey. “This is a very unusual circumstance.”

Multiple people were taken into police custody after a police chase turned into a crash in the Rosedale Park area. George Williams knows one of the victims of the accident.

“That accident involved a friend of mine who got injured. I’m sad about the situation that occurred, but they did a good job of apprehending the guy and the lady that did the crime,” Williams said.

The circumstances leading to the chase are still unclear. For whatever reason, it ended with many people taking off when the GMC Envoy crashed into a tree.

“We heard the helicopter circling for about maybe 15-20 minutes strong,” Murrey said. “And then as we looked outside, I saw police, because I live on the corner. We saw the Southfield police there.”

In all, the Southfield, Dearborn and Detroit police departments ended up responding to the incident. Murrey was shocked to see just how quickly officers responded to the crime.

“It was a very quick response, and that’s what was overwhelming for us to see all of the different officers out here as well,” Murrey said.

After several searches lasting no more than 45 minutes, all suspects involved were taken into custody, one by one.

“We watched her being arrested,” Murrey said. “So this is just a lot kind of going on in our neighborhood. Just a shock for a Sunday evening right now.”

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