DUI convictions across Metro Detroit could be impacted by breathalyzer flaw

DETROIT – Defense attorneys told Local 4 the problems with the Datamaster breathalyzer tools used by Michigan State Police could impact countless DUI convictions.

In Lansing, investigators told lawmakers Datamaster employees could be falsifying data -- and it now includes cases from Metro Detroit law enforcement agencies.

The Beverly Hills police in Oakland County had nine breath tests taken from January to June of 2019 that showed discrepancies that could be considered a criminal act by vendor employees who were supposed to make sure the devices were working correctly. Pittsfield Township in Washtenaw County has five tests under review. The department said it reviewed each case and found no problems and put the device back into service.

Wayne County Sheriff’s department immediately had their Datamaster breath test device checked out. Macomb County will not use the device and anyone who was stopped for a suspected DUI will now be sent for a blood draw. Ann Arbor police are taking the same precaution.

Local 4 legal expert Neil Rockind wants residents to keep in mind that MSP saw a problem with the company last summer.

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