Coronavirus in Michigan: Here’s what to know Dec. 15, 2020

4,730 new COVID cases reported Tuesday

Michigan COVID-19 data through Dec. 15, 2020 (WDIV)

DETROIT – The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan has risen to 442,715 as of Tuesday, including 10,935 deaths, state officials report.

Tuesday’s update includes 4,730 new cases and 183 additional deaths, including 71 from a Vital Records review. On Monday, the state reported a total of 437,985 confirmed cases and 10,752 deaths.

New COVID-19 cases are slowing but deaths continue to rise in Michigan. Testing has remained steady, with more than 45,000 diagnostic tests reported per day, with the positive rate decreasing to near 11% over the last week. Hospitalizations have slowed but remain relatively high, including upticks in critical care and ventilator use.

Michigan’s 7-day moving average for daily cases was 4,800 on Monday, the lowest in four weeks. The 7-day death average was 107, the highest since April. The state’s fatality rate is 2.5%. The state also reports “active cases,” which were listed at 190,000 on Monday. More than 236,000 have recovered in Michigan.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 6.2 million have recovered in the U.S., with more than 16.5 million cases reported across the country. More than 300,800 have died in the U.S.

Worldwide, more than 73 million people have been confirmed infected and more than 1.6 million have died, according to Johns Hopkins University. The true numbers are certainly much higher, because of limited testing, different ways nations count the dead and deliberate under-reporting by some governments.

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New tool tells Michigan residents how likely they are to get COVID-19, how severe case could be

A new tool created by Michigan health officials can calculate how likely a person is to get COVID-19 and how serious their infection could be based on their life situation and personal behaviors.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services launched “CV19 CheckUp” -- a free, anonymous tool that evaluates someone’s risks associated with COVID-19.

Click here to visit the CV19 CheckUp tool online.

“This tool, which we will make available to all Michiganders, helps individuals understand their risk based on their life situation and personal behavior, and offers recommendations to reduce those risks while also connecting people to services if needed,” said Dr. Alexis Travis, senior deputy director of the Aging & Adult Services Agency.

Travis said the tool can be used by all Michigan residents, but it’s specifically designed to help adults 60 and older. It is anonymous and does not require a name, email address or identifier of any type.

The tool used artificial intelligence to analyze each person through an online questionnaire. It is designed for those who are considered high-risk.

The tool’s algorithms are driven by science and medicine, using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Michigan extends COVID-19 restrictions for 12 days to gauge Thanksgiving impact

Michigan health officials announced an extension of COVID-19 restrictions in the state as deaths continue to rise and the state’s test positivity rate remains high.

Gov. Whitmer said MDHHS will extend the three-week pause for 12 days. MDHHS said the additional 12 days will allow the department to determine the full impact of the Thanksgiving holiday on the spread of COVID-19 across Michigan.

More details from MDHHS:

  • Under today’s order, MDHHS continues to urge families to avoid indoor gatherings, and only two households may gather inside, with strict protocols recommended.
  • Individuals should wear masks consistently whenever they are inside with individuals not in their household, and are recommended to pick only a small group to see regularly.
  • Bars and restaurants must remain closed for dine-in service, but can remain open for outdoor dining, carry-out and delivery. Gyms are open for individual exercise with mandatory masking and additional strict safety measures. Casinos, movie theaters and group exercise classes remain closed.
  • Professional and college sports meeting extraordinary standards for risk mitigation may continue without spectators.
  • Colleges, universities and high schools will continue with remote learning, with no in-person classes.

Michigan COVID-19 daily reported cases since Dec. 1:

  • Dec. 1 -- 5,793 new cases
  • Dec. 2 -- 6,955 new cases
  • Dec. 3 -- 7,146 new cases
  • Dec. 4 -- 8,689 new cases
  • Dec. 5 -- 6,004 new cases
  • Dec. 6 -- 4,675 new cases
  • Dec. 7 -- 4,675 new cases
  • Dec. 8 -- 5,909 new cases
  • Dec. 9 -- 4,905 new cases
  • Dec. 10 -- 5,937 new cases
  • Dec. 11 -- 5,157 new cases
  • Dec. 12 -- 4,486 new cases
  • Dec. 13 -- 3,602 new cases
  • Dec. 14 -- 3,603 new cases
  • Dec. 15 -- 4,730 new cases

Michigan COVID-19 daily reported deaths since Dec. 1:

  • Dec. 1 -- 190 new deaths (30 from vital records)
  • Dec. 2 -- 81 new deaths
  • Dec. 3 -- 175 new deaths (112 from vital records)
  • Dec. 4 -- 81 new deaths
  • Dec. 5 -- 193 new deaths (145 from vital records)
  • Dec. 6 -- 46 new deaths
  • Dec. 7 -- 47 new deaths
  • Dec. 8 -- 191 new deaths
  • Dec. 9 -- 75 new deaths
  • Dec. 10 -- 182 new deaths (132 from vital records)
  • Dec. 11 -- 61 new deaths
  • Dec. 12 -- 206 new deaths (176 from vital records)
  • Dec. 13 -- 45 new deaths
  • Dec. 14 -- 45 new deaths
  • Dec. 15 -- 183 new deaths (71 from vital records)

Coronavirus resources:

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