I-75 modernization project aims for safer, less confusing intersections

Second of three planned DDIs to open January

I-75 work aims for safer, less confusing intersections

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – The I-75 corridor in south Oakland County is dramatically changing with new twists and turns as the construction winds down.

Those unfamiliar with the changes can end up on I-75 without trying. Once the orange barrels disappear, something new will take their place: a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI).

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“What it does is take the conflict points of driving and reduced them almost in half,” said MDOT spokesperson Rob Morosi.

MDOT is trying to improve safety and ease of use by making busy intersections less confusing even though the layout would have you think otherwise.

“Traffic will be switched over right under at the freeway interchange so your left turn will be made with no oncoming traffic in front of you,” Morosi said.

The DDI in Troy is the second of three planned as part of the I-75 modernization project. The first DDI installed was at University Drive a few years ago.

“It’s a little tricky, people have got to learn what they’re doing,” said John Daysen, a truck driver who uses it regularly. “It’s a little tougher with a semi than with a car. You need to pay attention.”

“It was a little bit confusing when it first started but once you get an understanding of what they’re doing and why, the traffic flows through there quite well,” said resident Kevin Baxter.

“But it does help relieve some of the traffic,” Daysen added.

“It also handles getting on and off the freeway a lot better,” Baxter said.

The I-75 and Big Beaver Road DDI will open in January. Another is planned at 14 Mile Road and I-75 to open next spring.

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