Air conditioning issue leaves residents of Detroit senior community sweltering

Hank Winchester helps seniors living in poor apartment building conditions

WAYNE, Mich. – Cityview Senior Tower is in need of some relief. One of the main air-conditioning units has been down and some apartments are unbearably hot. 

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Some tenants are moving with with friends and family temporarily, but not all have that option.

Some residents told Local 4's Hank Winchester there were heating issues in the winter before the cooling issues now. 

The complex on Chrysler Drive has about 160 apartments occupied by senior citizens. There are two large AC units and one has been down for almost two weeks.

Officials with the complex said the fix is being done and fans and AC units are being brought into the building. Management said the goal is to have all the work done by Wednesday night. 

Local 4 will keep an eye on the situation to see if management can stick to its goals.

You can watch Hank Winchester's full story in the video posted above.