Nightside Report Dec. 22, 2021: Oxford schools superintendent Tim Throne discusses shooting; Is it safe to be vaccinated while symptomatic?

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Oxford schools superintendent Tim Throne discusses shooting: ‘Our hearts are broken, but our spirit is not’

Oxford schools superintendent Tim Throne discusses shooting

DETROIT – The worst thing that can happen in any school district happened in his. Tim Throne, the superintendent of Oxford Community Schools, sat down with Local 4′s Devin Scillian and discussed the shooting at Oxford High School.

It has been just over three weeks since police say 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley opened fire at Oxford High School killing four students and injuring six others and a teacher. That was Nov. 30.

Two days after the shooting, Throne appeared in a video message talking about healing and moving forward. He also said no discipline was warranted for the suspect prior to the shooting.

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2 men race toward burning SUV after crash on I-94 to rescue driver, passenger

Video shows two men rescue people from a burning SUV in the middle of I-94 in Detroit.

Police said the SUV had been stolen a short time earlier from the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

Mohamed Osman and Keyaan Alzayadi didn’t hesitate to run toward the firey crash at I-94 and I-75 on Tuesday (Dec. 21). Osman recorded video as he approached the crash.

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🏥Michigan reports 13,686 new COVID cases, 392 deaths -- average of 6,843 cases per day

Can you get tested to determine resistance to COVID? Can you get 2 variants at once?

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Dr. Frank McGeorge has been keeping viewers up-to-date and informed on all fronts. He’s been answering your questions about the vaccine, the vaccination process and more.

Can someone get tested for antibodies to determine their resistance to COVID-19? Is there a numerical scale that doctors go by to measure a patient’s strength against the virus?

Antibody tests are only useful to screen for prior exposures or vaccination. At present, there is no number -- technically called a titre -- done outside of research settings that is accepted as a marker of protection.

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🌨️ Metro Detroit weather:

COVID questions and answers: Is it safe to be vaccinated while symptomatic?

With so many people becoming infected with COVID-19 right now, ClickOnDetroit readers and WDIV Local 4 viewers are asking when is the best time to get vaccinated after you have recovered?

Nancy asks: “Because I had to learn the Greek alphabet in college I know there are 10 Greek letters between delta and omicron. If COVID mutations are being named sequentially using the letters of the Greek alphabet, why haven’t we heard of the other 10 mutations?”

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No makeups for College Football Playoff semis if team can’t play due to virus

If a team is unavailable to play in College Football Playoff semifinals on New Year’s Eve because of COVID-19 issues, the game will be forfeited and the available team will advance to the championship.

With COVID-19 cases spiking across the country due to the omicron variant, the CFP announced Wednesday contingency plans for the semifinals and national championship game, which is scheduled for Jan. 10 in Indianapolis but could be delayed as much as four days.

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