Wixom man accused of attacking police at Capitol with hockey stick denied bond

Defense attorneys argued Michael Foy was trying to help woman

WASHINGTON – The Wixom man accused of beating a police officer with a hockey stick during the Capitol riot on January 6 was denied bond on Monday.

Attorneys for Michael Foy argued that he was trying to save a woman from being trampled when he struck police with a hockey stick. Federal prosecutors said his defense was insulting.

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Foy has been in custody in Washington D.C. since he was arrested at his Wixom condo in late January. Court documents said that Foy traveled to D.C. to attend former President Donald Trump’s rally and then moved to the Capitol.

Federal authorities said during the insurrection he was the most violent of all the participants. Officials said he used a hockey stick to beat officers, the assault was recorded on a body camera.

Foy’s attorney argues that Foy was trying to protect others. The attorney said the body-camera footage where people were screaming, police were inadvertently trampling and killing a woman.

Body-camera footage from a police officer shows the scene as Foy was beating him with the hockey stick. Prosecutors said they used videos, news footage and social media posts to identify Foy.

His attorneys have been arguing for his release. Federal officials said they believe that Foy is a danger. Prosecutors also filed a new photo of a man they said is Foy. The man in the photo appears to be throwing a sharpened poll at police outside of the Capitol, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors argued that Foy wasn’t protecting anyone and that he went inside the Capitol and yelled for others to join in. Prosecutors took a photo off of Foy’s cellphone that showed the mob trashing a part of the Capitol.

Foy’s attorney argued that prosecutors have no evidence that Foy rallied others to join in on the violence.

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